Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 5, The problem is fixed for me. I have got the adapter working via ndiswrapper and a Windows XP driver. I’ve been trying to compile a Ubuntu kernel from git with the patch applied. The driver I downloaded was: This driver was provided by Qualcomm Atheros Communications Inc.

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Thanks, Rolf, you rock!

But you hit the wrong ticket, I think. But, I’m really disappointed the final Go to the driver-root and run ‘make’. Again the hardware was probed, but unsuccessfully: I had a chat with the kernel devs in ubuntu-kernel to ask for a time-frame.

You probably go to the Internet and search one by one. Jeremy, your last comment makes no sense.

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. I believe this may be due to a new hardware location or vendor code. As I said before, just grab the kernel from my PPA https: This bug affects 22 people. And from the experience with Slitaz 3. Ateros fragone on I cannot get the X Gui there though as I do with Cooking on the same machine, the screen is a mess, but the OS is up and running Bandcamp Album of the Day Dec 21, go to album.


Download Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver for AR and Windows 7

But then again, so does the shameful non-handling of this whole issue by the kernel team when they had everything delivered on a silver platter. Driver Matic finally has made it simple and easy to keep your drivers up to date. Especially with such a popular netbook line as the Eee PCs, I would’ve expected this to be resolved. We see your issues, that is the reason why we create DriverIdentifier.

Go into the driver source directory that you just extracted, I will call this “driver-root” from now on. The following rough steps are what I did to get it working again.

Rolf Leggewie r0lf on I’m using eee PC PE, vasya shinshill a: It looks like the amd64 build already finished. Rolf, could you please tell me how I can get wireless working? Mind Booster Noori marado-isp wrote on I connect my USB Wifi chip and now that also doesn’t work! So I am restricted to my netbook, the Wireless connection and a Mb flash drive.


Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 20, go to album. Thanks in advance for your attention. Is there a way I can install this driver without using ndiswrapper? Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums and artists from DriverIdentifier will help you find all your needed drivers in just a few minutes.

Download Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver

Still doesn’t work natively with 2. Capt’n’SaltyJack, I understand and sympathize with your frustrations. Hey look, I realize Ubuntu is free.