Vogone Easy – Vocal Reducer. Finally we found a nice quick Nero 5. After formatting, we tested all four drives for their packet writing performance. The disc was dirty, and with some light scratches, enough in order cause problems to most of the tested drives. The Acer is the slowest among the 4 tested drives. Phthalocyanine Type 5 Media type:

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Compared to the Acer drive, the Ricoh drives are about ra faster and the Yamaha 20×110 secs faster: The drive’s reading performance was the worst among the 4 tested drives. That means possibly that the 20x writing speed has been optimized upon Acer’s media and with newer firmware updates this will be improved.

On a last procedure we tried another SD2 backup, created by an Acerand the results were not what we expected.

Last but not least it supports: What code is in the image? Phthalocyanine Type 5 Media type: This technology doesn’t need any setting and works with all the well known CDR software, including most older titles, since it is based upon the drive and not the software.


The drive’s average reading speed with CDR media was Notice that Padus 02×10.

ATAPI 20X10 resources and drivers

As we can see, the time 20xx10 between the AcerRicoh and Yamaha still remain for both 74 and 80min CDs. The average writing speed of 16x Zone-CLV writing speed is around The drive was a June model with an initial firmware revision of vH.

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The produced backup played flawlessly in the following drives: The average reading speed was The results show that Acer is a great performer in the Packet Writing tests. All drive support fully the HS-RW writing standard: The drive’s writing 20xx10 was around 7.

We copied a MB file However, when reading from the backup CD, the drive needs more time to finish the task. The Acer came second in our re-writing tests, behind Yamaha E.

Is this the drive that will make the difference amongst 20x writing speed recorders?

In the “Seek Times” test results, the Acer gets the third place both Ricoh drives. The drive continues to perform well in the reading part, but stays below from the competition We used Ahead InCD v2.


We didn’t use it, since we used the brand new 5. In our lab tests with Maxell 74mins media, the Acer drive allowed a 16x writing speed, but the actual time reached 6: Test a drive using the method below before assuming you can safely use it to import many discs. The software supplied with the CRWA was: We burned the same job with all 4 Xtapi drives: You will also notice a ventilation shaft: The new Acer drive supports 20x writing speed, 10x re-writing and 40x reading speeds, making it directly comparable to Ricoh MP and Yamaha E series.

The software supplied with the CRWA was: We test our drives, certify them to read and write CDG format discs correctly, and reject drives that fail our testing.