I’m not the only person that’s been burned by this: Click “Devices,” then “Device Setup. All on board audio is always turned off. I followed everything I could find including uninstalling the driver and the registry edits, but still having the problem in Sonar. Listen to my music on http: I’ve had the generic ASIO driver installed for over two years, and zero problems. Double-click the Cubase icon on your desktop to launch it.

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The only solution was removal of the driver.

Resonant Serpent Max Output Level: Even with the driver uninstalled, it still shows as an option in the Sonar driver selection window. Cubase is Steinberg’s generkc digital audio workstation. In the past couple of days, I installed Wavelab 9 and Reason 9.

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? A blacklist would keep a driver from affecting Sonar even if it became unknowingly re-enabled. Going to try the full re-install route and see how that pans out.

And the same would go with this issue. Just tried it, and it didn’t work. At this point, I’m ready to call it a day. Vubase reinstalled Reason, and everything is now operating properly.


View More Photo Galleries. Tip Steinberg recommends using the manufacturer’s ASIO driver, rather than the generic driver, whenever possible.

Steinberg Generic Lower Latency ASIO Driver 64bit

By full reinstall I assume you mean this or this if you have X3. A good audio driver will manage this and not allow take over.

Anyone have a clue? I was able to use Sonar again, but, Rewire wouldn’t load in any host.

[SOLVED] Generic Low Latency ASIO driver | Cakewalk Forums

Thanks to everyone for your advice. Click the drop-down menu next to “ASIO driver. After rebooting to assure that it was gone, I started Sonar and the constantly loading window as gone.

Video of the Day. With drivers being installed by different devices and programs, and Microsoft being hell-bent on taking control away from the user, Sonar would be more future-proof if we were given some kind of driver blacklist. Feneric have some of the best drivers in the business.


[SOLVED] Generic Low Latency ASIO driver…

Thank you for your help. Take us back to when we had to reboot the program to switch drivers if that’s what it takes for further stability. User Control Panel Log out.

All on board audio is always turned off. My main concern is that drivers that I don’t have enabled in the program, or even showing up in the program dialog AMD High Definition Audio Device are affecting the way Sonar runs. I never had this driver activated. Anderton Max Output Level: I’m cubawe the only person that’s been burned by this: Brought to you by Techwalla.

I know that Cubase and Props initially developed Rewire together, so maybe that’s a clue. I googled it, and read up, but no real solution.