Because of the plastic lip, once the notebook was docked, the bottom of the RJ was covered, and I could not get to the release on the RJ cable to disconnect it when I wanted to undock the computer. Of course, some vendors were more happy with this arrangement than others and we did receive some interesting responses from the manufacturers regarding which cards they chose to ship. As for users that are purchasing a notebook, make sure that you see the notebook in person and pay special attention to the location of all of the buttons, switches, knobs, and connectors. Generally, these cards do feature a lower cost than some of the other more advanced designs, but many users say that they don’t like the way they look. The lower cost of these cards is attractive, but some people just don’t like the look. From a performance standpoint, the was one of the best-performing cards that we tested. Although it is possible to replace the Mini-PCI card in your laptop, it isn’t for the faint of heart.

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Because of this, a decision was made to postpone the tests of Mini-PCI products until we had a sufficient amount of cards to test. The series builds upon the elements of excellence and reliability in 3Com’s other NIC products, putting them into a CardBus form factor. We have d-lihk to examine the design on each card jetwork/modem real-world scenarios, network/moem because the cards are often so different, we have spent additional time examining the usability of each card. The breakway connector allows the connector to come out from the card when a certain amount of force is placed on the X-Jack.

The manual does give a good step-by-step overview of setting up Internet Connection-sharing under Windows, which is nice. The most common complaint that I hear from users is that they find it hard to work with negwork/modem X-Jack.

At least it’s a little more difficult to lose the whole card than it is to just lose the dongle. This will present some problems if you attempt to use it in a non-Windows environment. All bit PC-Cards are limited to using 5 volts, which means that they do draw more power than CardBus, but the current crop of PC-Cards do seem to conserve as much power as possible.


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Like the PC-Cards before it, CardBus designs still include the hot-swapping and plug-and-play capabilities that users have become accustomed to with the PC-Cards. In those dmf-50txd, the card must be removed before the laptop can be placed into the case. Most of the gains in the came from an improved, high-performance chipset, which helped improve performance.

Although 3Com does have both of these new technologies for the X-Jack, they have not migrated through the entire 3Com product line. Razer’s Sila gaming router packs all the perks in its trademark black box. With this “day in the life” approach, I was better able to experience both the positives and negatives of each card, as well as to view the “typical,” daily performance of each card.

The C ran well in the tests, and we couldn’t find a thing to complain about with this the card. The first thing that you will notice about the F5D is that the card is very heavy when compared to other cards in this category.

Mini-PCI is really the new card on the block. Although some cards feature a double-sided board design, 3Com was able to get all of the 3CXFECT done using one side of the board, so you are not missing anything by not seeing the bottom of the board. Having used the card for so long, I can tell you that it is a highly dependable product, and it was the flagship product in 3Com’s laptop NIC product line up until the introduction of the cards.

Of course, some vendors were more happy with this arrangement than others and we did receive some interesting responses from the manufacturers regarding which cards they chose to ship. Windows Service Pack 2. In some cases, it is possible to use another card by using one card in the top slot and another card in the bottom slot, in a stacked card configuration.


Max Fax Transfer Rate. Notice that the 3CN3AC is double sided, although, due to the sticker that 3Com has put on both sides of the card, the compoents are not visable. Introduction, Continued Third, we told the companies that they could ship additional cards with different connector configurations if they wanted, but if the only difference between the cards they were submitting was the connection method, most likley we would only test one card in that product family.

As we talked about in the look at PC-Card technology, the throughput of any card that uses the bit PC-Card bus is limited. The problem with this two-inch connector is that, once it is connected, you will have problems connecting the RJ cable to the card.

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This can lead to some use of programmable controller technology, which means that many of these Mini-PCI cards require the CPU to do some, if not all, of the nftwork/modem. An all-too-common problem created by the notebook manufacturers is what I like to call, “Now, why did you put that there? Of course, with laptops getting thinner, the card may extend beyond the thickness of the laptop.

The Mini-PCI format comes in several different form factors: In these situations, the user will be required to eject the card from the notebook before storing the laptop in the chosen case. We attempted to netwwork/modem as many Mini-PCI cards as we could for testing, but this wasn’t an easy task.

The models feature connector technology in Options 1, 3, and 4, which gives the user a variety of form factors from which to choose.