Last but not least, very helpful team in IRC indeed, I really appreciate that. I don’t think it shocks people. XorNot on Mar 12, D but a proprietary one does not exist. I know there there were others for whom that played no small part in their loss of interest in the project. This is likely to be too small an audience to give you a good poll for this sort of thing.

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I’d definitely be using it if there were a nvidis GHC port. What about firmware binary blobs for a nic, or wifi that feature driver loadable firmwares? Still, this does not alter thr fact that i supports most Intel Graphics and is, as you said, a very very good driver.

Using NVIDIA on DragonFly

This was with my GTS and a while ago though on 2. Sanddancer on Mar 11, Jails also have resource limits, so you can have a group dragongly processes that are related, but not started from the same executable, be held to a certain amount of CPU, memory, etc usage.

It begins and ends there. Jails provide some protection to the base OS even if the network exposed service running in the jail is compromised. The community is very nice.


Now you’re saying the opposite, so should I reconsider this? Yet all this could be solved by just having a damn –read-password-from prompt which would do it automatically.

Even some boot loaders are pretty much the same issue with binaries. XorNot on Mar 10, Not great, but good. Find all posts by Oko.

I don’t imagine those drivers would work on BSD, because of the different kernel? On Sat, Nov 6, at 9: Speaking of Linux, for me, Nvidia proprietary driver got along much better with some Linux distros than others.

Using NVIDIA on DragonFly – DragonFly BSD Digest

Anyway, I can agree on i, which normally really works out of the box, but what about AMD? Originally Dragomfly by guitarfreak 2. Now I’m tempted to install it and see how Wayland performs.

The KDE desktop is represented by the “plasma-desktop” package and the Xfce desktop deagonfly the “xfdesktop” package. The entire login is still dependent on a non-protocol bit of text parsing. I like what the DragonFly BSD team tries to do, but its ports system has its quirks, including software which does not build and software which is just not there after the installation.

Dewie on Mar 11, dragonfyl And they’re ver very good drivers Thanks, I did not know there were such sort of developers behind those drivers, glad to hear that: Part of why I ask is that I dug through their github page, and found nvidia-settings, but not the FreeBSD driver itself.


Having seen NetBSD’s source code more than once, “clean” is not exactly the thought that always comes to mind. Sanddancer on Mar 11, I’m not aware of that bragging. You forgot a reason: I think I was missing a pulseaudio lib or some shit.

I am surprised that you got any answers on mailing lists. OpenBSD focuses on security.

Originally Posted by Oko This questions makes no sense at all. DragonFly is a fork in the path, so to speak, giving the BSD base an opportunity to grow in an entirely new direction from the one taken in the FreeBSD-5 series.

There’s a port of Linux Steam-Native for FreeBSD on github but hasn’t been mantained lately and currently dows not build, unless you fetch every library manually. XorNot on Mar 11,