Most of the specs below have been taken from Pioneer’s website and the manual that came with the drive. A patched RPC-1 firmware can be downloaded here. M01 comments, 0 good , 1 mixed , 0 poor. When testing optical drives there are many different tests which can be done, once you factor in all the different media types, different tests, different burning methods, and so on. Rated this writer No rating.

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Overall the transfer speeds were good and within the range we forecasted.

The DVR-R started out at about 6. I hope this is a something that can be fixed easily, but so far the usual tricks aren’t working. When testing the drive’s capacity I found that the drive was ddvr to overburn up to All in svr a good buy. Comments posted by joseph from United States, February 01, In our tests it started reading at 3.

The drive was recognized and worked perfectly the first time without having to play with the jumper to toggle between cable select, master, and slave. The drive opens up quickly and smoothly, just as you would expect from product of this caliber. This is because the media used in this test was also burned on the Pioneer DVR-R, and the quality results were very poor. D01 comments, 1 good0 ddvr0 poor.


Pioneer DVR-R Manuals

Whether you want to use it for storage, multimedia, or backing up, a DVD writer is a great tool to have dr. Starting from the left of the IDE connection you’ll see the jumper switch cvr master, slave and cable select. InfoTool had no problems detecting the DVR-R’s maximum reading and writing speeds, recording modes, buffer underrun protection and 2MB buffer.

Rated this writer 2 of Comments posted by Thracky from Canada, September 16, I have yet to try anything first tier though, as they are extremely hard to track down.

Rather than go completely overboard with the charts I tested the DVR-R conclusively and then showed the highlights. It came with 1. According to Nero, the drive can also write CD-Text and overburn.

Pioneer DVR-110D / DVR-R100 / DVR-610 DVD Writer

However, as you can see, there were some minor slow downs in the transfer rate graphs. Since then I have ripped numerous disks including a 6.

How to apply color correction using the Gradie Reaction time seems slow. AE1 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.


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The second rating between the is a normal average rating. AE1 comments, 1 good1 mixed0 poor.

Burned 8x Sony, Imation, Nexxtech, and Maxell at 12x. I’ve just bought one and applied DVR firmware. The problem is more than likely with my machine.

Updated firmware – no change Comments posted by Brian from Australia, November 25, Some even slow down to read single layer DVD-Video discs. It is noticably quieter and but only a little faster than the A These tested revealed the drive to be very capable, as far as its functionality and features, and able to do just about any task users will require of it.

M01 comments, 0 good1 mixed0 poor. It’s an excellent burner when working,a little noisy but acceptable at this noise level ,somehow my burner acted up after 3 ms of use bought one in Jan