This can both stop the air flow and be in the way of other things in the case. Here you have the possibility to disable and activate the integrated features on the motherboard and make some general settings for the system. Before the performance tests in this review we experimented a bit extra with memory timing and especially tested some with settings instead of the usual I have th same Motherboard. After thorough performance tests we can come to many conclusions.

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The chipset cooler on the motherboard is of a bit unusual design and of soound passive kind which unfortunately proved to have a multiple number of flaws. We compare the price to equal products and even the accessibility among retailers. Wed Mar 12, 2: I want the Thoroughbred core right? I’m downloading the latest nForce drivers from Epox’s site right now but disabling the NForce background audio utility seems to fix the stutter.

The DIMM voltage can “only” be increased to 2.

Epox 8RDA – 6 channel sound? (and nForce2 questions)

The Epox website shows the same thing for the plus and non plus models. The two nForce chipset which followed after this introduction have used just about the same APU elox it still performs outstandingly.

I might go back to a Pentium 3 since I don’t think anyone is going to be able to figure this thing out. The problems with asynchronous bus speeds between memory and processor has often been related to latency problems which our tests strengthen.


I would get a better one if I were you. The accessories you get with the card are more or less what is needed to use the card, device drivers and several small programs.

Also in this review we have used some more advanced tests to get a good overview of different workstation applications and we have used SPECviewperf 7. EPoX is one of the few manufacturers who still stick to the old classical scheme of colors which once was used by most manufacturers. Dec 11, Posts: Step 4 If you are using a PCI sound card, load these drivers now. I’m not at my linux box now so I can’t tell you where to find the module, but I guess that when you go to compile your kernel, got “device driver.

Perhaps this only effects the serious overclockers, but still it is worth mentioning. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. However the nForce2-chipset has as we mentioned before most features integrated directly in the chipset so we see a full support for firewire, USB 2. I have tried to contact them to no avail. R8da stepping is best for overclocking?

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There is even two fullversion programs on the disc: What my device manager shows 8rsa Windows me and Advanced chipset features is the menu most often used as it is the one with the most interesting settings. A problem which in some cases can harm parts of the computer is really not something we are especially happy for.


We took the chance to run through some performance tests during this overclocking to se how much of an increase we could achieve. I’m assuming it uses the MCP-T sound. I tried to fix this by installing the audio drivers, but the buzz is still there.

MP3-encodning is in a very large extent depending on the CPU which we clearly see in the results. The last test we did was a full feathered overclocking test where both the motherboard and the processor was pushed to their limit.

Among the positive parts we see that EPoX left a lot of space around the socket and the “four holes” which ones again shows which market the card belongs in.

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We are also negative to the chipset cooler which in itself is not especially efficient but which also has very bad contact with the chipset as EPoX is using a simple piece of TIM as heat conducting material. The CPU-voltage is increasable to 2.

CD drivers and utilities. This is big mistake by EPoX and we hope that this is wound an isolated phenomenon.