Installing a previous GPU driver than updating again through Experience and direct file. This has affected some games which were unfortunately developed with the assumption that the value would never change. It seems that my computer is using two graphics, GTX M and an integrated intel graphic. Steam has been weird lately. Sean Superclocked Member Total Posts: Is anyone else having this kind of issue? Reading the comments I can’t think anything else than “shit again?

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Hope it’s fixed by the time I get around to it, I grforce a few things to get through before then. The newest not affected version from the Nvidia Website would be I’ve never experienced something like this before, I haven’t even been able to roll back yet because now I can’t get any video output to the display.

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I still suspect that the issue stems from the big codebase changes that came with the introduction of the Optimal Power setting. I’m using a and I got improved performance.

I have even restarted and shutdown my computer two times to see if it was just a fluke. The laptop will now completely shut off as if reaching a heat threshold occasionally when switching between integrated and discrete.

XX to work even using DDU. What is going on. No unnecessary software installed and this is strictly a gaming machine. I can see my Cpu usage is at 25 percent with RL open as well as corsair programs for my headset mouse and keyboard. Also, I highly recommend using DDU to wipe the current driver prior to installing the latest driver if you gerorce any issues after.


The issue doesn’t occur with Hz p so in theory there should be a way to implement this without causing screen flickering. I used to have problems like that when using a shitty DP cable. Compufreak Superclocked Member Total Posts: The game will run normally.

Try installing a I can only hope this issue isn’t present Horizon 3, because I paid a lot of money for that game. Clearly, something screwy is going on here with power management.

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Compufreak Sean Compufreak New driver, great – sadly, NVidia still not found the cause for the Hz flickering issues: Hopefully a fix is coming soon. Something I wish I had known earlier, so I shared it. We have plenty of automated tools for compiling and packaging things these days, so it’s not like it really takes any more time or effort to split things up.

Heini2 Are these drivers so bad they don’t get a sticky? I would highly suggest you submitting the feedback here. Can’t get any We are working with Microsoft to find a solution. I was fine for the first 2 days then all of a sudden it started freezing during Arkham City, then Arkham Knight, then Rocket League. Does this allow you to turn it on for any new games?


My computer is like, four years old and has an old processor in it. Will check this out when I get off work.


You can also reproduce the bug by, say, playing an H. They installed a game video recorder for xbox egforce its fucking with framerate for some crazy reason. When it was verifying if my computer was compatible an error appeared saying that it couldn’t find the needed graphic hardware. I just slowed the refresh rate to hz, and it seems to have fixed it.

After upgrading to the drivers, I noticed that Afterburner retained the same clock speeds per voltage point. If it helps, we’ve found several customers were able to fix the Hz flickering issue by changing Power Management Mode to Prefer Maximum Performance; for some reason Optimum seems to cause flickering.