I didn’t have the time to do the clean way, but that solved the problem. The scsitab file is updated with the media agent patch, so I would just make sure of that, since that’s more valuable than just installing the latest scsitab file. Qualstar Q80 Tape Library. Login to rate or review this product. Although, I have run into just this issue listed in the man page:

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DataProtector EJECT on Autoloader 1/8 – Micro Focus Community

So the device file of both the robot and drive tbinstor OK, but DP seems to refuse the robot arm. In the device matrix, no special remarks are made about the autoloader.

Capable of up to 50 TB of compressed capacity in only a 1U form factor, the autoloader is well equipped to offer room for uncertain data growth. Qualstar Q40 Tape Library.

There is currently only one client and this thinsfor the cell manager. I’ve updated the cell manager after sw-installing the patches. Have you tried the sctl driver? I’ll check it as well. Massimo, What do you mean with the ‘secured cell’ and ‘de-trust’ the cell?


But at another customer, the schgr driver is used as well for the same LTO autoloader and works fine there. But with the scsitab file with the Build NSMbb, the autoloader is working fine now.

Quantum Scalar i40 Scalar i Web-based remote management offers the capability to quickly and easily access, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot the autoloader that will reduce dependencies on local IT staff while allowing multiple sites to be supported centrally.

Scott The output of the command is server: You have an autoloader, which has no mailslots. First, I moved one slot 7 to its own storage pool so I could put offsite backups on their own dedicated tape, then I made such a backup, so far so good.

Although, I have run into just this issue listed in the man page: The autoloader combines incredible storage density and tape library features into a compact 1U form factor. This isn’t going to play real well with my scheduled automatic backups. HP Manufacturer Part No: And you can browse the media pools in the GUI? Unfortuntely, ps output for the command string column is only so many characters long. Internal database backup failure DP 7.


Supported Autochangers

Issue with Backup Schedule after migration from 9. Protect confidential business information with native encryption, ensuring that if a tape is lost or stolen your data is protected from unauthorized access.

Issue with Backup Schedule after migration from 9. Anybody know if DP 6. Just open the library, take the tape out, put a new tape in, close the library, wait for the library to finish its inventory, go into Data Protector and Scan those slots whose content you have changed.

I’ll post the output autoooader the ‘mma -version’ later on. Just in the heads down mode of answering next thread up. Qualstar Q8 Tape Autoloader. The output of an ioscan is: Make sure the inetd.

Login denied on the MSM. When I want to format a tape, nothing happens. Library Security Compromised”, sheeshand format this new tape.