I have the 4. Platinel is a trademark More information. Missing COM ports are maintained to accommodate certain functions that are tied to specific ports. All modules for the slave devices Modbus Import, Export and Modbus Master Device are then mapped to one of the connections. You can enter up to ten unique IP addresses that belong to Modbus devices you want to master, assigned to virtual port , in the Modbus Master ION meter. See the Terms of Use for more More information.

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It is universal, open and an easy to use protocol. First, configure the communications port s through which you want to multipogt the Modbus data.

Modbus and ION Technology – PDF

multipott Your meter can have some or all of these modules, depending on the model and firmware version. An out-of-the-box external alternative to PCI cards, Edgeport makes it easy to add serial, USB or parallel ports to a PC, server or thin client in minutes — without opening the chassis, reconfiguring or rebooting the system.

Download this older Edgeport Configuration Utility: For serial Modbus Master configure the Serial Connection values to match the communications port e. No responsibility is assumed by Schneider Electric for any consequences arising out of the use of this material Schneider Electric.

The ION meter as a master also gives you control of devices on a Modbus network with its write capability. If you have Advanced security enabled, you must configure the Modbus Map Access register to allow write access for specific users.


Crna Gora – Srpski. Device Map String Setup Enter the mapping information for this device. Andover Continuum Remote Communication Configuration GuideSchneider Electric All Rights Reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced, read or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted.

COM Ports Are Not Released When You Remove a Multi-Port Serial Controller

Navigate to where you want to store your Modbus Master configuration e. Up-to-date address information is More information.

It does not apply to meters; for specific information, More information. Right click the module and configure the following registers: When you do this, you can remove the adapter.

You can also contact Technical Support about pre-made Device Integration Packages, which add a device directly into your system.

New Zealand – English. Drag out a new grouping object from the toolbox, name it appropriately and double click on your new grouping object.

See the ION Reference for more information on these modules. Danger This alerts you to things that may cause. No part of this publication may. Device Type String Setup Enter the type of Modbus slave device — for example, This register value must match the corresponding Device Type register in the Modbus Master Map module, for the map to be available to this module.


You can enter up to ten unique IP addresses that belong to Modbus devices you want to master, assigned to virtual portin the Modbus Master ION meter. CM23 3DY sales elcomponent. In Vista, create and link an object that best displays your configuration.

NCR Corp NCR 7167 Receipt/Slip Printer how to download and install the driver

A blank workspace displays where you can keep your master configuration. Feature-rich design, reliability and unmatched operating system support make Edgeport USB-to-serial converters ideal for mission-critical enterprise applications. In the right hand pane, doubleclick on the module you want to configure. Modbus and ION Technology. Select the Setup Registers tab to configure the setup registers.

The Modbus Export module writes data to a Modbus device. Right click the module to edit the register values. This data can then be used by other ION modules.

A Modbus Master Device module uses settings from a Modbus Master Map module setup register to specify the Modbus format, scaling, and base address settings. For more information on these modules, see the ION Reference.