Use this installer if you are using Mac OS X Continue through setup to complete install. Click for a complete list of new MX4 2. This update requires a previous full install of MasterWorks Collection 1. The minimum required legacy Windows versions are Vista SP2.

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Installer contains a version 1. Click for a complete list of new MX4 2.

After install completes, power up your MOTU audio interface. MX4 Version 2 is packed with major new features and hundreds of new presets that instantly expand your sonic palette.

A previous install and authorization of AudioDesk 2. So anyone can download MX4 and immediately enjoy using a new, full-functioning virtual instrument in their studio.

Unzip and double-click installer, enter OSX Administrator password, and follow on-screen instructions. First, you start with a clean, “pristine” system. This is a maintenance update to version 2. Before installing, download and install the iLok Driver update see link below; install appropriate x32 or x64 drivers.


– MOTU audio interfaces are compatible with Pro Tools 9

This is the installer for Digital Performer 9. Please refer xnow the update notes contained in the archive for all changes in this version. Stay tuned to motu. This is an update to Digital Performer 7. Only the file format uotralite changed.

Pre-release public beta version of Ethno Instrument for Vista x32 and x Archive installs MAS 2. This is a maintenance update of Volta. This update includes an arpeggiator, enhanced loop slicing, and more. If you need to download a software updaterlog in with your motu.

Are you ready to tame Snow Leopard?

Contains update patcher and update notes to update Unisyn 2. Unstuff with Expander version 7.

This is an update to the MasterWorks Collection. Windows Vista bitWindows 7 bit.

This is a maintenance update to Digital Performer. This archive requires Stuffit 5.

And the Oscar goes to From big screen to home studio: This installer adds OSX The minimum required legacy Windows versions are Vista SP2. If you have not yet installed MachFive 3 on your computer, use the full 3. This installer updates an original UltraLite to firmware version 1.


From big screen to home studio: Install this if you are updating to MachFive 1.

I phoned Sbow techand after changing MIDI cables around several timeshe went back to the lab and tested it alsoand came up with the same results Version 6 users should download an update of Expander at http: