CRYPTO Exchange

CRYPTO Exchange .mobi

This is a Pre-ICO Project

Founder Tokens are now being Traded For

Many different Crypto Coins

We will be the first major Crypto Exchange

Chartered out of the Cayman Islands

Our Goals are


An Exchange free of any interference by any Government

A robust platform to meet Global Demand


This is a Project from the AI Think Tank


Founders Tokens Now Available


This Project is to create the first Cayman Island Crypto Exchange

Such an exchange will allow Crypto Trading

To be conducted In the neutral territory that the Cayman Islands is

Free of all attempts by any government or bank

To impede the global adoption of Crypto by Merchants and Consumers


The Project will also create a robust scalable platform

Able to handle the global demand for Crypto

Current Crypto Exchanges have all failed to scale properly

These exchanges did not have the software or hardware

To scale as global demand for crypto has exploded


The project also seeks

To establish the first global merchant network

For businesses to accept crypto for goods and services


We feel the key to the future of Crypto

Is not exchanging it for worthless government currencies

But to build a global trade network based on Crypto


We have chosen the .mobi TLD

For our project since it represents what crypto is

.mobi stands for mobile devices

We now live in a mobile world filled with mobile devices

We believe Crypto Exchange .mobi will fill the need of a neutral

Global Crypto Exchange


Let the governments and banks that have controlled

The people of this world far too long

Let them have their worthless fiat (government currency)

Let the people decide the future of global currency

We believe it is Crypto

And Crypto Exchange .mobi will help the world free itself of fiat control