I used this Pocket PC as my primary handheld for a couple weeks while keeping track of how long it was on with BatMemTime. The top has quite a collection of elements: Instead of having a small door to prevent unwanted stuff entering the slot, it uses a small plastic piece that you have to take out in order to insert a card. Most of these can be opened with apps that come on this Pocket PC. These days, this is near the bottom in screen resolution for a handheld, especially in this price range.

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The screen edging is made of silver plastic like other shell details.

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Mini-review of Asus MyPal A

Below them there are the reset button, the infrared window and the battery cover latch. It reminds me of my old dial-up modem days. In most cases this is a positive trend, asuus it has meant that built-in CompactFlash slots have become rare, with most devices depending on an SD slot.


The Bottom Line With excellent features and strong performance, the A challenges but falls just short of established high-end Pocket PCs.

Asus MyPal A – Review – PCMag UK

This gives you a total of 81 MB for storing and running applications, and also holding your files. The A walks you through the process of setting up a Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone. Most of these can be opened with apps that come on this Pocket PC. It features poor settings compared with similar programs, but it doesn’t fail to perform its main functions. Again, this is a decent enough app, in its limited way. Only fresh PDA users might use it at the first time. You can also choose a second set of applications to launch if you hold any of these buttons down.

Windows Mobile Premium Edition Processor: Why have we started the review from this point? The LOOX features black colors.

Brighthand Reviews the ASUS MyPal A716

On the left side, where a lot of devices would have a jog wheel, are three buttons that perform the same function. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted PROPortable was kind enough to loan me one of these devices so I could bring you this review. Accessing the Internet through a phone is pretty slow. It also azus But the similarly equipped and identically priced HP asud H is smaller and lighter.


Lately, many companies have seized on the idea of reducing the stylus as a way to save space in their handhelds.

Asus MyPal A review: The power button represents an oval instead of the circle. This cradle is flexible enough to be used with both the standard battery and the extra-large, high-capacity one. And CF is definitely the cheapest Storage format in dollars per megabyte. The top has quite a collection x716 elements: Become a fan of PCMag. The Asus MyPal A needs some revisions before we can recommend it.

Still, it is nice to be able to read the files you get as attachments, even if modifying them sometimes causes problems. The backlight was on at half strength.

Of course, you have to have such a phone and a wireless plan with data access.