To avoid the midrange cone breakup region one would need to go 4-way with one or two 50 mm piston drivers added for the Hz to Hz range. Though lower in level than the 2nd order products, the higher order components are more serious. For any new design I would seriously consider the Seas T25CF tweeter, though I am not sure how directly the small improvements in measurement data translate into audible benefits. The different drivers have also different voltage sensitivities, in addition to different diameters, and therefore require corresponding drive voltage adjustments to obtain the same volume displacement. Overall not a bad performance, but not quite the same as the Seas and Scanspeak, in my ranking, especially when the higher directivity of the XT25 is considered. There are a few large dome designs around, but they are displacement limited at the lower frequencies and poorly vented on the back side.

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Blocking the vent increases non-linear distortion considerably. Also shop in Midraneg shop in. It is well designed and built. It contains not only harmonics, but also the more serious intermodulation components, which are of higher amplitude. The amplitude was 5. If set to Hz its spectrum consists of a Hz carrier and sidebands at Hz and Hz with 6 dB lower amplitudes.

Overall not a bad performance, but not quite the same as the Seas and Scanspeak, in my ranking, especially when the higher directivity of the XT25 is considered. Like the W18EX it has very low distortion, but with 1. These pictures are of the actual item – nothing more and nothing less is provided!


They don’t make them like they used to! If you like the Kef mid, then you may like these.

Stored energy is difficult to equalize for and non-linear distortion cannot be corrected. My selection was limited to drivers that I thought had potential or that had been recommended and were readily available. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Unfortunately, they audibly strain even at the modest volume displacements of this test series. This feature is needed to keep the frequency response up.

Audax HMC0 10 cm 4″ Midrange, Carbon Fibre cone, rubber HC surround.

While distortion differences between drivers are easily heard with the Hz test tone, this is not the case at Hz, because the signal itself is rather unpleasant and shrill sounding. Suitable drivers misrange difficult to find and are the missing link in covering all frequencies without cone breakup.

An acoustic event has dimensions of Time, Tone, Loudness and Space Have they been recorded and rendered sensibly? Both units performed well on stored energy, better than the T25CF, which was slightly ahead of the Dipole peak equalization is likely to change and the baffle dimensions would have to be checked for optimum polar response. One of them could be allocated to this task and be patched into the midrange channel.


The presentation is on a logarithmic amplitude scale and shows the envelope of the burst signal the magnitude of the analytic signal. Midrabge way is to take the average of the two sets of non-linear distortion rankings and of the three sets of linear distortion.

Audax Midrange

The large resonance peak at 5 kHz requires a notch circuit. There is a considerable amount of data to consider. Below is the example of a tweeter with fast decay at Hz. While the Vifa P21WO has low non-linear distortion it suffers from excessive audas storage. Some of the possible distortion products of the three input signals at frequencies a, b and c are sketched below.

Drive voltages are kept midfange to represent typical operating conditions, with the reference at 5.

Midrange distortion test

I have given each driver a place for its distortion performance though differences are midrangw small and judgment is based on multiple observations. Skip to main content. I observe how rapidly the driver output decays and stored energy is released. Here we have Audax mm drive unit 2SLF for sale.

Any solution must be lower distortion than the larger midrange drivers pushed to Hz, to be of value.