The PyRow stuff looks to work pretty much out of the box although the indents looks a bit odd in one of the files. I suspect that this is used as a mechanism to inform the application layer that this is the last packet in a returned response – confirmed this by looking at the transfers when connected to the PC. Establish an internet connection. My script simply polls the monitor for the number of meters rowed during a workout, but after anywhere between a complete failure to start and a couple of minutes of collecting data, the script crashes whereupon I see a usb error message on the c2 monitor, and a usb error in the terminal. I did create a 1 min audio file which did the job a few months back.

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Increasing the default timeout to ms in the python core USB library makes the errors disappear. Updating Firmware Updating Firmware.

PM3 Troubleshooting

The initializing process takes a few seconds; the Concept2 Utility will notify you when the process is complete. To check if a part is compatible with your machine, please click on the “View Where Used” link.

The indicator should be green with the word PM3 next to it. If you encounter an error during the firmware update, recover the PM by taking the following steps and trying again:.


Service | Concept2

USB hubs – Ensure every hub gets its power from a mains adaptor connected to a mains wall socket, and the power is turned on and working.

Choice of hub would likely not solve the problem.

Digital Rowing makes computer software for indoor rowing. The indicator should be green with the word PM4 next to it. You uwb then use the Concept2 Utility to manage the data on the drive. PM4 firmware version – Check which PM4 firmware version you have.

Note this is a very important step that often solves PM3 connection issues.

You can get a quote complete with shipping by putting items in cart, log into your online account or create an account,and enter your shipping address. Very nice to be back in touch with you. Please direct all questions to the forum, I do not do support via PM.

Then check the Concept2 website at www. I can’t seem to get around it. But that was as usv as I got. After also setting the default timeout to ms and adding the suggested cincept the cmdline.

You can connect multiple PMs to a single RowPro computer for venue racing or crew rowing. This is different from what I originally thought – it appears the driver does not take into account variable length data from interrupt endpoints when performing split transactions.


Please email info concept2. Make sure the PM does not have flat batteries and works appropriately by itself when not connected via USB. You have 2 shipping options: Check the lights on the hub to confirm it’s working. PM4 reset – Insert a pen into the recess at the rear of the PM4 to reset it. Concept2 Utility User Interface Overview. The rates will be at the bottom of that page. Contact Us Chat Now. When pk3 Mac is fully ready, open Finder, connect one USB hub to your computer, and confirm the hub is listed in the Devices section isb the sidebar at the left of Finder.

Steps for each method follow. You will be responsible for duties and taxes. Any further help would be very very much appreciated, a step by step guide would be nice.

If you have any problems with your PM3 connection to RowPro, follow the troubleshooting steps below:.