Maybe a collector’s item. Unless it’s some sort of add-on modification, I was unaware these were optical capbable. Fri May 03, 9: Jul 13, Posts: May 12, Posts: The reverse engineer idea would make sense if the chips were common. BNIB was a pretty strong recommendation for your unit – it’s what a type collector would want and I’ve heard of stranger collections.

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Tue Apr 30, 7: I knew a few guys who were optically obsessed, but my experience with the Chinese Audiophile scene suggests they are actually obsessed with Tubes and analog connections rather than digital ones.

That’s a fun idea.

Hacking Your Nomad MP3 Player – ExtremeTech

Other than the fact that you could toss any old capacity ATA disk in there though I think the firmware couldn’t handle much over 60GB in tracksI can’t think of anything jukebo “scam”. Jun 6, Posts: I had several messages from Chinese people asking if I would ship there. Thu Apr 25, 7: Post a Comment Comment.

You can get a tiny little chip which handles MP3 decode, basic track selection, playlist and menu, LCD display control, battery charge control, audio output and amplification which will run for a day on a single AA battery and all you have to do is put a box around it and some traces on a PCB to a flash RAM chip, a battery and a 3.


Creatlve here to enlarge.

What is so special about a 10 year old hard drive MP3 player?

I lusted after one so badly pre-iPod. Sep 28, Posts: First off, if you are already a owner of a Nomad Jukebox, you can choose to buy an upgrade hard drive from the site. Fri Apr 26, 1: Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor.

The only other idea i can fathom is that its able to take Chinese characters and files like a champ and are able to stick a large ass hard drive on it.

Digital audio players Creative Technology Limited products Singaporean brands Consumer electronics brands.

Man, I wanted one of those back in the day. Sat Apr 27, 3: This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Log in Don’t have an account? Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Creative Nomad Jukebox 20gb Portable Mp3 Player RARE Dapkg01 | eBay

At that point you have to basically sabotage it to get less then effective bits Until recently though, it was much harder to make one with a good enough amp to transparently drive a variety of headphones. My question is why would a 10 year old, 20GB hard drive based MP3 player that’s the size of a Cd player, sell for so much? I was just surprised by the amount. Champ Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


ZZ9 plural Z alpha Registered: These models appear as a USB mass storage device to the operating system so that the device can be accessed like any other removable disk, a floppy disk for example.

Hacking Your Nomad MP3 Player

Besides the NOMAD Explorer or MediaSource programs included with the devices, there are other programs which can be used to manage the player and to transfer data. Sanity is for the weak Registered: Maybe it’s one of those odd old “gems” that a random audiophile discovered has decent hardware that the manufacturer didn’t know about at the time of production. Aside from the gen 1 touch, I skipped iPod’s all together for some reason.

The battery life is non-existent since it’s so old.

Whatever, we decided to see if we could replace the hard drive in our Zen, and our Nomad Jukebox 3 to add more space for more music. As far as IDE compatibility, I’d rather have streaming.