How do I install these printer drivers? Some or all current Epson Stylus and Photo printers apparently have the same limitations. Planning a Complete Security Strategy: If you want your WordPerfect printer driver to set the printer’s internal Courier font temporarily to Dark Courier at the start of every print job, while leaving the printer’s default setting at regular Courier, please contact me. These drivers may be downloaded from Corel’s driver download page ; search for the printers by name.

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If you buy a printer only because it is listed on this page, be prepared prlnter return it if necessary. Please leave feedback if these drivers need any corrections.

PCL4 is not enough. So, i f and only if you have one of the printers listed in the paragraph immediately above, and you need to install Dark Courier TrueType fonts because your printer is a LaserJet that does not support Dark Courier in its built-in hardware settings, you may download a set of regular, bold, italic, and bold italic Dark Courier fonts from HP’s web site.

If your printer is connected by a network connection or USB cable instead of a traditional parallel cable, you will also need this site’s method of printing to USB and network printers. Choose a paper type from the list; if the paper that you want to specify does not match any of the names, choose 9-Other. Not all the fonts listed in the driver may actually be present in the printer.

I bought a low-priced printer that was described as “PCL4 compatible. Sign up using Email and Password.

Virtual Devices | Zebra

For instructions on finding and installing this font, see the paragraph immediately below this one. General notes Which printer should you buy?

Even though the downloaded file has a name with prnter. On the next screen, make any adjustments that may be needed, and choose 5-Location.


Virtual Devices

But my new printer won’t print, or it causes weird errors when I try to print. If your printer is connected to your computer by a USB cable which looks like this or by a network connection then proceed to another page and set up your computer so that WordPerfect for DOS can print to your printer ; then and only emulatiion proceed to step 4.

Else install CutePDF which emulates a printer driver. HP DeskJet models with the euro symbol in firmware are supported but if you want to print the euro symbol from the non-monochrome drivers for these printers, you must also install the replacement euro-enabled graphic font found elsewhere prinfer this site.

Datalogic QuickScan Desk – L D Laser Scanner

No current LaserJet model ships with a parallel port; some high-end models can be fitted with a parallel port, but you no longer need a parallel port anyway. Don’t do it, no matter how much you are tempted to do it!! I do not know whether these drivers will work with HP multifunction laser printers such as the HP LaserJet, M, M, M, M, or ; possibly they will work, and possibly either a PostScript or PCL printer driver may work with some or most of these models. Drivers for HP and HP-compatible printers may be found on this page.

Programming Identity Strings

Does not inlcude a power cord. This enables the software written for a real HP printer to run on non-HP printer emulation, producing equivalent printing standards. Look for a category with a name like “emulations” or “printer languages” or something similar. ALL file to your printer file directory; select your new printer in WordPerfect.

If your printer connects to your computer through a network connection or a USB cable, you must install your printer for use in Windows, and you absolutely, positively must study and use one of this site’s methods of printing from WPDOS to a network or USB printer. See the usage notes below for further details.


Please save yourself trouble and aggravation by buying an HP LaserJet instead but only if you find the specific model listed on this page. For use with the QuickScan Laser and Imager. The original drivers for the HP DeskJet, and series are also available on Corel’s web site, but the new drivers on this site correct minor pritner in the originals.

A full list of older WordPerfect printer drivers available from Corel’s driver download page may be found in this self-extracting printer list archive from Corel’s web site. Older drivers may be found on Corel’s web siteand drivers for newer HP-compatible Meulation drivers may be found elsewhere on this page.

Some low-priced LaserJet models issued starting in late lack the full sets of fonts that were present in earlier, similar models. Some late-model high-end HP DeskJet printers work well with printer drivers written for earlier models drivers for models released before the autumn of are available on Corel’s web site but superior results can generally be achieved by using drivers especially written for specific printer models.

Sign up using Facebook. If your printer is not an HP printer, I may or may not be willing to try to create a sheet feeder definition pribter it, and I will charge you a consulting fee if I do succeed in creating a driver for your printer. Some HP inkjet printers support duplexing when used with Windows; it is unfortunately not possible for WordPerfect drivers to use duplexing with HP inkjets.