The appears as a USB drive in Windows. Thanks for your service! I tried a low-budget old-school GPS about five years ago and was under-whelmed. More items related to this product. Current speed Travelled distance Time of day Current air pressure The page “Trip Computer” consists of 7 data fields, split into 4 views.

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Overall, the Garmin Foretrex is a great little GPS for those that want something, small, reliable and easy to use.

I foreetrex sit still and the altimeter says I climb feet in elevation over the span of a minute. The ratio of the horizontal distance traveled to the change in the vertical distance. The Foretrex is small, quick to obtain position and I wanted the altimeter.

Please leave a comment below. Next estimated arrival time: Estimated time required to travel from the current location to the final destination. A barometrical altimeter is 4011 more accurate, especially when summarizing elevation changes.

Garmin Foretrex GPS Receiver | eBay

I highly recommend it. Thanks for your helpful feedback on the model differences. Distance from the current location to the next waypoint on the current route.

When I emailed Garmin concerning data transfer software and the spanner function under the Setup menu, I received the following rather uninformative reply:. It keeps the same size, seems just as durable, and adds a great looking display and battery life.


It keeps my hands free. The glide ratio required to descend from the current location and elevation to the elevation of the final destination.

Garmin Foretrex 401 Review and a Garmin 601 vs 401 Comparison

Appreciate the review and model comparison. Coordinates of the current location in WGS84 datum. Excellent Garmin foretrex is a great design for any outdoor fanatic, whether your hiking, cycling, running or even camping it is a useful tool.

The difference in the display quality is enough for me to stick with the from now on. Direction to destination Goretrex with waypoints and travelled path track Scale. The had no trouble forftrex up the HR reading and displaying the values. Current speed Travelled distance Time of day Current air pressure The page “Trip Computer” consists of 7 data fields, split into 4 views.

With high-sensitivity, this Garmin GPS receiver locks onto satellites even under tree cover, or when adjacent to tall foretfex. The reception under the trees was fine at least.

Garmin Foretrex Reviews – Trailspace

Thanks for your service! The electronics still functioned like a dream.

I have had many Garmin Navigational Products over the years. Measures the number of revolutions of the back wheel and the crank arm with magnets and a wireless sensor. I think the reason they’re still common and why I still prefer to have both availablehowever, is that GPS-measured elevation can still be less accurate than GPS horizontal position Help support this site by making your next gear purchase through one of the links above.


Fantastic piece of military kit. I can personally vouch that this is a robust, accurate and sometimes life saving piece of equipment extensively field tested by myself and colleges in the harshest of conditions.

So you can exercise in close proximity to other sensors without fear of interference. It is the perfect partner for any outdoor activities. In the meantime, we recommend that you foretreex activities from those devices to MotionBased. Estimated time en route: Barometric altimeters suck in changing weather, but in stable weather they’ll typically give an accurate read-out to less than a metre, at least compared with the elevation where they were calibrated.