Beep means that the computer will play the default Windows notification sound, and that the SMU will beep 24XX series only. Technical support is not generally available; however, feel free to contact me with bug reports or ideas. Efficiency is calculated based on the provided values for the device area and incident power density. Common examples include semiconductor devices with poor contacts , in which resistive or one-directional contacts prevent the applied bias from reaching the device at certain voltages, or high-voltage insulators in which slow dielectric charging processes charge trapping give rise to non-linear time-varying leakage currents. This is because of the large capacitance of such devices, which causes the SMU to enter compliance when the bias voltage is changed, even if the steady-state device current is well below the compliance value. Double-click the resistance fit button to automatically select the fit range.

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Keithley changed their website about a month ago and google links are dead. Sweep timeout is a software setting that specifies the amount of time to wait for the sweep results to be returned by the instrument. I’ve had poor luck using faster baud rates with these instruments.


Config delay is a software setting that specifies the approximate time delay between preparing the SMU for a sweep, and commanding the start of the sweep. You’ve attached two separate VIs.

I-V Software

The most frequent cause is that the instrument reported compliance for one or more measurements. To program a preset e. When you say ” Message 2 of 5. Message 7 of After the sweep data has been returned, the software will parse the data and display it on the graph.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Message 2 of Could anyone help me?

The graph will be updated upon completion of the sweep. The upper limit on the number of data points depends on computer speed and memory, and on other limits imposed by LabVIEW or bit memory address space. I have tried, and made a program for both.

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Comparison of diode V-I sweeps using fixed 10 mA range left and auto range with mA compliance right. This software was built and tested with NI Serial version Newer generation SMUs e. This is useful for measuring the exponential I-V behavior of diodes. The Agilent B adapter has also been used successfully. My senior found this file as an example file, and we were just using it.


Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

The data file format much match that of files saved by this software, i. For particularly long sweeps, you may need to adjust the sweep timeout. Message 15 of Results will be displayed automatically.

Presets provide a way of storing and recalling commonly used sweeps, analysis options, export actions, labvieq graph zoom settings. Sweep configuration presets can also be associated with an analysis action resistance, 4-probe, solar cell, or diode and an export action save data or copy data. Thanks for the info, will try that!

Perform simple non-regression fit Diode analysis button: Normally, ideality factor is extracted assuming a junction temperature of K. Custom keithleg command Adv. Timing and averages Timing and averaging options.

Unless auto-range is selected, sweeps will be performed using the fixed sense range shown.