Watts, the power consumption should be multiplied by the time the product spends in each mode in order to calculate energy usage. Release the buttons only when the screen with the progress bar appears. Set the paper type to Transparency. Using M From the printer control panel, set the paper size and type in the Paper menu to match the paper loaded. Paper Jam Select from the following options: Miscellaneous Security Settings Menu Understanding the printer menus Edit Access Controls Control access to printer menus, firmware updates, held jobs, and other access points.

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Lexmark M5100 Series User Manual

Printing slows down Notes: Using M For more information on configuring and using the home screen applications, do the following: Output Lighting Set the amount of light from the bin. If there is more than one copy of the printer, then update all of them with the new IP address.

Load Staples Troubleshooting Load Manual Feeder with [custom string] [paper orientation] Try one or more of the following: Insert the cartridge into the printer, and then push the green handle back into place. Is the print still skewed?



Using M Reduce printer noise. Replacing the imaging unit Lift the front cover, and then pull down the multipurpose feeder door.

USB printer port Connect the printer to a computer. Floor-mounted configurations require additional furniture for stability. Do compressed images still appear? Page Troubleshooting Action Step 5 Go to step 6. Do Not Print Note: Understanding the sdries menus Portrait Height Set the portrait height.

Understanding the printer menus Recycled Specify a paper type when Recycled is selected in other menus.

Maintaining the printer Pull out seriss toner cartridge from the printer using the handle. Page Understanding the printer menus Job Buffering Temporarily store print jobs on the printer hard disk before printing. Lines per Page Notes: Page – Toner rubs off Page – Toner specks appear on prints Page Page – Solving home screen applications problem Page 44 – Changing port settings after installing The IP address appears as four sets of numbers separated by periods, such as Using M and M Using the printer control panel From the home screen, navigate to: Some printer models may not have a printer hard disk installed.


Remove the indicated bin. Page Using M Prepare the paper or specialty media for loading.

From the Apple menu, navigate to: Hold down 2 and 6 on the keypad while turning the printer on. Remove the toner cartridge, and then the imaging unit.

Check the virtual display that appears in the top left corner of the screen. Using M and M Checking the status of parts and supplies A message appears on the printer display when a replacement supply item is needed or when maintenance is required.

Lexmark M5100 Series

Understanding the printer menus Timeouts Set the printer to continue the specified job without returning to the home screen when the Screen Timeout timer expires. Industry Canada Compliance Statement Note: Using M and M Seris Troubleshooting Close door or insert cartridge The toner cartridge is missing or not installed properly.

Flex the sheets of paper back and forth to loosen them.