Check heater location- if more than 5 ft above or below water level- adjust pressure switch. It hasbeen backwashed and put on recirculate to test unit. FL3 code will stop the unit and pool pump. I have put the screws in the panel to keep the board in place and we are enjoying hot water on demand remotely. It then ran for about 30 seconds and shutoff with a FAN error code. What does this mean?

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Ignition failure Raypakbtu. We actually forgot to break it when we first out it in and then realized we forgot to break the tab and got the TA6 Tab error code. Do I need a new switch?

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Soudn excessive water temperature in the tube bundle. According to your code reference it may be a clogged pool filter needing backwash. Hello Pooldok, are you sure that is the correct code and model number? I had the guy come out again and it started right up for him. Thanks for the updates and resolution posts, solid work.

Check for correct incoming power at fan relay- V or V and at fan motor.


Since I moved in, it has displayed HL2 after running for a little while hour or two. If the two thermistors are more than 2 degrees apart, the SNS code will appear. They only state to turn off the heater at the breaker, turn off the gas and power; then call a technician. Sounds as if it could be momentarily losing contact. This is a copy and paste from a couple of other posts asking this same question in the comments below: You probably want to give a call to the manufacturer just for a quick troubleshoot.

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Matt, I have a Raypak RA pool heater that is giving me a message that reads 6 minute ignition delay, what should I look at first? In order for the touchpad to operate, they must take the heater back out of remote mode- by holding down the UP and DOWN buttons for 3 seconds. I searched PA6 souund a few manuals and come up with nothing. Recommendations for a fix: You may want to try calling the manufacturer as a list ditch effort before plunking down cash for the part.

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Check water levels at skimmer face. I took apart all of the jandy valves and they are all clear from obstructions.

Also, because it is a heat pump, the codes will likely be different than the ones for a gas heater. If you hear the ignitor attempting to spark but there is no flame, there might not be enough gas or air to make for proper combustion.


Unit lights fine, gas burns evenly: If code reappears, sond board as memory has failed. I recently replaced the heat exchanger with no issues.

I have looked everywhere, and I cannot find that code. No one likes to get an error code on any piece of technology, especially on a Raypak heater.

What is the model number of your heater? The manual states it is a Water Pressure switch open. What does an internal fault message mean? They are really helpful when it comes to troubleshooting these types of problems.

Or at the very least call the manufacturer. I have a Raypac RP heater. Charlie covers that in the last portion, it is likely a bad mm266a sensor; the sensor is reading it is out of an acceptable range for the heater to operate.