Specify a maximum size for the individual message tracking log files. The message was transferred to the Badmail folder. A message was received and committed to the database. On Mailbox servers, the maximum size of the message tracking log folder is three times the specified value. By default, message subject tracking is enabled. The event source was Shadow Redundancy.

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Recipients were moved to a forked message because of content conversion, message recipient limits, or agents. The event source was Shadow Redundancy. Specify a maximum size for the directory that contains the message tracking log files. The RelatedRecipientAddress field has the proxy address the message was sent to. Users can use the Delivery reports tab in Outlook on the web to search the message tracking logs for information about messages sent to or sent by their own mailbox.

SMTP message routed and queued for gateway delivery.

Exchange Message Tracking (Part 2)

Is there a way to get a single address per line? The value is formatted as yyyy-mm-ddhh: A message was redirected to an alternative recipient after an Active Directory directory service lookup.

The UTC date-time of the message tracking event. Compare this to the sample Exchange message tracking log shown in Figure 3.


Hey guys, have you ever had this scenario? The Exchange transport component that’s responsible for the event.

The message tracking log files are text files that contain data in the comma separated value CSV format. Message tracking logs contain vast amounts of data as messages storsdriver through a Mailbox server or Edge Transport server.

Gateway report transfer out. A delivery receipt or an NDR was sent to a server, a connector, or a gateway.

How to track Message in Exchange // – Messaging with Communications

Extra information associated with the source field. I have migrated from Exchange to Exchange and I have removed Exchange The date and time of the message tracking event. You can limit the number of returned entries by using the ResultSize parameter. Example status values include: The e-mail address specified in the Sender: When the Hub Transport server role and Mailbox server role are installed on the same server, separate log files that use these different name prefixes are created in the message tracking log directory.

The value is Microsoft Exchange Server. This process is repeated throughout the day. The message was delivered to a mailbox or a public folder.


What permissions can be given to the security team to get an alert for malicious or suspicious mails? Advanced Queuing could not process the message.

Message tracking

A message was redirected to an alternative recipient after an Active Directory directory service lookup. Advanced Queuing submitted a message to the categorizer. Gateway report transfer in.

How to Track a Message via PowerShell effectively. So a good tip is to always collect your query results into a variable, particularly very broad queries that take a long time to run, so that you can pick apart the collected data without having to re-run the query. Although the message tracking log files are generated by the four different services and have four different name prefixes, the amount and frequency of data written to the moderated transport log MSGTRKMA is negligible compared to the other three logs.

Circular logging deletes the oldest log files for a service when either of the following conditions are true: