Justin March 4, at 7: Do you have a better cabling solution? This post is to catch you up on the SAS model and what it can provide for you. Our entire University campus Datacenter was offline until i came across this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Only one issue with that statement that i think is flawed….

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Justin Paul April 19, at 7: The only other downside that I see from the P is that its competition now offers is a unified solution. Justin February 6, at 3: I have an identical setup I am trying to get going as well.


Thanks for leaving some feedback. So I was down to one controller serving a bunch of VMs and I needed to replace the defective one so it can mxa running in full redundant mode again. That being said the MSA should recognize the array group from the Smart array controller and not destroy ;2000 data …. Justin June 7, at 7: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Just plug it in?


Justin Paul December 3, at 4: Thank you so much for your post, I was really stuck on this one. Every esxi has 2 SAS ports, and every one of them are connected one to the A1 and the other to the B1 of p20000 P cabin.

HP P G3 SAS SAN | Justin’s IT Blog

Do you know how to use the service port to maybe reset the device to a factory default or anything else that may help? This post is to catch you up on the SAS model and what it can provide for you.

Thanks in advance for your support! You should see two devices, but one should be mwa or something. Appreciate you sharing your solution.

Hi Justin, thanks for posting about your experience with the P G3. Tried really hard for a couple of days until I read a post here. Or would this not be shared storage due to the SAS aspect.

How to find out the HP P SAN storage usage – Server Fault

We have used them at a client before. I came across this article during the night and it worked when I tried it the next day.


Round Robin to spread the load between the two controllers on the Msx or fixed? Appreciate all the comments. Well if you read my SMB Clusters version 2.

AreArePee October 3, at 5: I Thank you as well for posting this solution. Justin June 18, at 5: This iSCSI based SAN has been serving me extraordinarily well mda 7 years and one of the controllers in the machine decided to give out the other day. They are enterprise sata drives.

Because that is the one shown from the secondary contoller or whichever controller does not Own the lun. Thanks for the post. We were told that you cannot do vMotion as you do not have true shared storage with SAS.